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Get Silky, Smooth Skin With Laser Hair Removal

Why put so much effort into shaving leg and body hair that continues to grow, always feels spiky, and adds an extra 15 minutes to your hygiene routine? The days of being a servant to your body hair are over, thanks to the newest laser hair removal technologies. 

At Rénove Medical Spa in Kingwood, Texas, board-certified physician and aesthetic specialist Dr. Afia Naqvi can zap the hair from your legs, underarms, bikini area, face, or anywhere else on your body using advanced laser hair removal.

The laser hair removal process

The laser hair removal process is quite simple. Specialized lasers applied to the skin where hair grows target hair follicles, using concentrated heat to attack and damage them just enough that they have trouble growing new hair. 

Hair may grow back slowly after your first treatment, but the follicle is weaker, producing sparser and finer hair. Over a series of treatments, laser hair removal can do away with your unwanted hair.

How long does laser hair removal take?

It takes a few treatment sessions to achieve a dramatic reduction in hair growth because the lasers only target one phase of the growth cycle — only those hair follicles in that phase are affected in one treatment. When you return for another treatment, the laser targets another group of hair follicles; treatments continue until the hair is gone.

Most people require up to six treatment sessions to achieve dramatic hair reduction, and the speed of your hair growth affects timing between sessions. Thicker hair, such as on the bikini area, takes longer to grow and requires more time between treatments. Fine hair, like facial hair, grows faster and can be treated again sooner.

The many benefits of laser hair removal

When hair removal is this easy, life is easier, too. Here are just a few of the benefits of laser hair removal offered at Rénove Medical Spa:

Long-lasting effects

Shaving, waxing, and using creams to remove hair are all short-lived. Your hair grows back before you know it, and your work begins again. With laser hair removal, you can take “remove body hair” off of your to-do list. After multiple treatments, your unwanted body hair could be gone for good.

Low pain level

While the procedures may include a light stinging sensation, it’s no worse than the sensation of a rubber band being snapped lightly on your skin. It certainly doesn’t hurt as much as waxing or cutting yourself while shaving.

No razor bumps

Imagine having silky, smooth skin without those frustrating ingrown hairs poking through the surface of your skin. Razor bumps aren’t an issue when lasers are used to remove hair. 

Ready to say goodbye to outdated hair removal methods? Call our office at 346-200-8472 or request an appointment online for your laser hair removal consultation.

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