Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction? We've Got Treatment Options

If you're having problems with your erection, you're not alone. Many men experience issues with their sexual function from time to time, but these episodes only become more frequent with age. 

Approximately 30% of men report mild to moderate erectile dysfunction symptoms by the time they reach their 30s. These numbers continue to increase by 10% for each decade of your life. That means ED symptoms impact 40% of men in their 40s, 50% in their 50s, 60% in their 60s, and so on. 

Unfortunately, many men try to ignore this highly treatable condition because of its sensitive nature. But, this often makes the problem worse because ED can negatively impact your self-confidence, increase your stress levels, and cause challenges within your relationships.

Dr. Afia Naqvi understands the role sexual function plays in your physical and emotional health. That’s why she offers several safe and effective treatment options for ED at Rénove Medical Spa in Kingwood, Texas.

Rebalancing your hormones with BioTE®

If you have erectile dysfunction, decreasing testosterone production could be to blame. On average, you start to produce up to five percent less testosterone each year once you turn 35.

Common signs of low testosterone include:

To address these issues, Dr. Naqvi relies on BioTE therapy. After measuring your hormone levels, Dr. Naqvi implants tiny bioidentical hormones pellets underneath your skin. Once in place, these small beads release consistent amounts of testosterone to restore balance in your body. 

In most cases, you can see a difference in your hormones within a few weeks of BioTE insertion. But, it can take longer, depending on your imbalance. To maintain healthy hormone levels, Dr. Naqvi inserts new pellets every four to six months.

Healing your body with regenerative medicine

Dr. Naqvi also offers regenerative medicine techniques for ED, like the Priapus Shot, or P-Shot®, and stem cell therapy

Regenerative medicine is an innovative branch of therapy focusing on treatments that activate your body’s natural ability to heal. The P-Shot® uses a method known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that harnesses the healing properties in your blood. 

During your appointment, Dr. Tahir Naqvi, our certified P-Shot® provider, draws a sample of your blood. Then, he concentrates its powerful growth factors in a centrifuge machine to create your PRP injection. After applying a numbing cream to your penis, he uses a small needle to administer your shot to stimulate tissue growth and repair.

For more severe ED symptoms, Dr. Tahir Naqvi might recommend using stem cells in place of PRP. This approach involves injecting Predictive Biotech stem cells from donor umbilical or placental tissue to trigger healing on a cellular level.

Whether you have PRP injections or stem cells, there’s no pain during this procedure and it typically takes approximately 45 minutes. Regenerative medicine treatments offer several benefits for erectile dysfunction, including:

This therapy can also make it easier to get and maintain erections and even help resolve related issues, like pain during arousal. It also comes with fewer risks or side effects compared to other ED treatments.

To find solutions for your erectile dysfunction, contact our office and schedule an appointment today.

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